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Artist’s Statement

I am an artist, musician and educator in Northern Ontario, Canada. As a mixed-media artist, my primary interest is an exploration of process. In terms of subject matter, I am intrigued by archetypal patterns and rhythms that underlie our collective consciousness. Generally, I work in acrylic on panel, as it lends favourably to various sgraffito techniques, which I utilize throughout the majority of my work. My work ranges from figurative-expression, textural-abstraction to stylized and traditional landscape.

I briefly studied classical animation at Sheridan College, before opting to pursue a degree in International Development at the University of Guelph. Which I then followed up with a degree in Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. My work is in private collections  across Canada.

Since 2008, I have been teaching visual arts and music at Northern Lights Secondary School in Moosonee, Ontario. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, please contact me via email at


I am also a songwriter and performing musician. My first CD, “Cariboo Bones” was recorded in 1999 at Bent Sound Studio in Victoria. The second recording, “Falling From the Sun” was recorded in the summer of 2001 again at Bent Sound Studio.

I am currently working on material for my next recording, tentatively  to be released as “Roads to Penang”. My music is currently available online at: ReverbNation and CBC Radio 3. I am also a part of the local music collective, The Three Henrys.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Curry Gray Moosonee, Ontario  

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