Mixed Media

acrylic, Ink, Media, Collage, Ephemera

Often completed on underlay panel, found material, purposely or not, fixed to both primed and unprimed support. Largely figurative in essence, as I am fascinated by patterns, whether random, natural, or fabricated. 


Northern Landscapes

Acrylic Riverscapes of Moosonee, ON

I have worked and lived in Moosonee, ON since March 2008.

If you happen to visit, be sure to get some quality time on the mighty & majestic Moose River, which you can follow to the southern shores of James Bay.

These landscapes are both based on familiar landmarks and loose memories of the countless hours I have on the Moose.

New Work & … in process

various media on panel

I have taught secondary Art, Media and & Music at Northern Lights Secondary for nearly 15 years and I am preparing to jump back into the BIG pool. Deep water terrifies me.
These are the newest works, mostly since March 2022.